a fitting first post

It seems fitting that my first post as the bowerbird girl is with this image of Darren Booth’s book cover “An object of beauty”, done for Steve Martin’s book. Darren is a new find (via Jessica Hische’s dailydropcap.com) and I’m wondering where he’s been all my life. Just my type of gig, with his beautiful typography and colour and texture and ^#$afxhs … oops, sorry the keyboard got suddenly slippery, must learn to control my drooling.

To see more gems from this very clever man, have a stickybeak at his site http://www.darrenbooth.com

Or, if you are as smitten with the cover as I was, go straight to his blog and read about the process behind it  http://www.tamberhouse.com/914768/Process-An-Object-of-Beauty


One thought on “a fitting first post

  1. Congratulations Bowerbird Girl, your multi-media prowess knows no bounds. I love your blog, and am ready to be guided on all things sparkly.

    Can you please enlighten me on ‘The Bowerbird Girl’? Wikipedia tells me you are either a groupie of an American folk music band, or you relate to a bird known for its unusual courtship behaviour.

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