#100happydays challenge

#100 happy days

#1: Beat up beetles

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to participate in a regular photo challenge. Over the last few weeks, I’ve explored a few, but none really resonated … until now. Thanks to Reanna from ‘you’ll move mountains’ (and also from the ever-resourceful, ever-awesome ‘Pippies’ ),  I’ve signed up to do the #100happydays challenge. What I like about this challenge is that it’s not designed to be about the photos, it’s designed to be about moments – about recognising a moment – pausing for a moment – recording that moment. Doesn’t it sound great? While there are lots of different ways you can participate (think Insta / FB / Tumblr / email), I’m going to post mine here once a week.  Make sure you let me now if you sign up too, I’d love to follow.


2 thoughts on “#100happydays challenge

  1. Isn’t it just such a lovely idea? Even just today it made me consciously note when I was happy. I didn’t take a photo of every moment, but surely paying attention to the ‘little happies’ can’t be a bad thing.

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