Downtown, where all the lights are bright … New York 2

Editing photos is hard. Do you find that? Bloody hell I do. For me, I think it’s partly because I’m not the most decisive person in the world PLUS I have a tendency to get distracted. Groan. Exactly – not a good combo in the editing process. I’m finding with my New York edits that it’s particularly difficult to cut the cord between the memory of the moment and place and that of the actual image. While the image can provide the spark for that memory … it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a ‘good’ photo! I KNOW I have to try and push the attachment aside to see if the image can stand on its own but geez, it sure is a challenge.

Maybe I just need more coffee.

Rachael Willis The bowerbird girl Chinatown from the Manhattan Bridge

Title: “Downtown, where all the lights are bright”
Details: Canon G16, Manual, 1/60, f1.8, 30.5mm, ISO 500, exp -1, RAW file processed with VSCO Fuji Velvia 100 Landscape.
Soundtrack: ‘Downtown’ Petula Clark

Walking the Manhattan Bridge at sunset (from Brooklyn across to Manhattan) was one of the many many tips we
were given for our trip. You get the Brooklyn Bridge in your photos and it’s much less busy. Winning. When I took this snap, I had no idea where I was – naughty lone wolf, I had a dead phone (too many photos), dead phone juicer, and about 2 seconds after this shot, a dead camera battery. Oopsy. Thanks to google maps and street view I’ve since worked out that it’s East Broadway 🙂


17 thoughts on “Downtown, where all the lights are bright … New York 2

  1. seriously beautiful shot!
    I have trouble cutting the emotional attachment to an image at times, but that’s the things about photography for me at least it’s an intrinsically emotional process!

    • Thanks Lila. Yes, it’s really very difficult – so often the emotion is intertwined with the image. So to try and unravel yourself from that is such a challenge. But when you have say 10 images that are similar you really do have to find ways to make that decision. It’s something that really challenges me and I have to work on for sure. It is something I’d love to do a course on, just to get some more tips and tricks for my toolkit so when I get stuck i can whip them out and whip through it.

  2. Now this has made me think…attachment and photos. Are the ‘best’ photos the ones with the attachment, the feeling trapped inside it? Or is the technically better photo that has no story attached to it? I don’t know…but I’m leaning towards the story and pic, technicality aside. Oh pop…that would be my brain pinging a little with this one.
    Regardless…more photos please!

    • I suppose the other thing is that while the attachment might be there for you, is it there for someone else. Is the underlying sentiment strong enough or universal enough to transcend the single image and speak on a larger scale? And how the do you know that, when you’re the one that has the attachment in the first place? Oh sweet jesus. Can open worms EVERYWHERE. I think we need to discuss this further. Preferably over alcohol 🙂

  3. Haha, so true, Especially with photos of my kids! Feels like deleting a picture of them is just wrong. This is an amazing picture and brings back fond memories of NY for me. Thank you 🙂

  4. Hearing that the pic brings back memories for you is music to my ears lovely lady. Yay. And yes, i totally get that with kids photos – I think it’s even more so for your own kids – because you can see their personalities reflected in that image, whereas others may not. Delete a photo? Oh my! I never delete anything, i’m a shocker. You just never know when you might want to come back to one. I could go on that hoarders show – for images 🙂

  5. This shot is amazing; so powerful. I would be emotionally attached to that dizzy moment of lights and NYC and delight and sunset. I need to learn how to use my camera better! x

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