#S_daysingle – old-skool stylin’

Welcome to the lo-fi, retro, old-skool edition of #S_daysingle.

I was hoping to have a snap of my newest nephew or niece to share today but given that little monkey is still tucked up in my sis-in-law’s belly, getting that shot would require some pretty hard-core invasion of her personal space so I think I’ll just sit tight for another week. AWKWARD!

So instead, I’ve dragged out an oldie for this week’s #S_daysingle. It’s my first nephew, aged 21 months (he’s now 9) and is taken on my film SLR. Oh film. I miss you. Particularly in black & white – digi B&W is just never the same.

#s_daysingle old skool edition film SLR Rachael Willis - the bowerbird girl

Nephew #1, 2007
Canon EOS 300EV
Film: Ilford HP5

Between this snap and the video below that I watched earlier this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about film. My friend (and Head On Landscape Prize finalist) Jono said ‘watch this’. Ever obedient (?!?) I did just that. If you have a spare 15 minutes you should too. I promise, it’s worth a watch. The sound of the film being wound on and that hasselblad shutter … Oh. my.

Sa-wooOON-y. (Word?)


Let me know if you enjoy it and are as inspired to dust off your filmy as I am.

PS: Bonus HOT TIP:

Follow Jono and Markus Andersen on insta if you aren’t already.

6 thoughts on “#S_daysingle – old-skool stylin’

  1. Hey Stephanie, thanks. I also did a darkroom course as part of my graphic design studies and it is just THE most magical thing watching the image appear. Makes me want to do another course so I can get a bit more of that action. Magic, pure magic.

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