#S_daysingle – silhouettin’ Sydney

Hello! Another week flies by … oh my goodness it’s nearly June. How is that even possible? We’re STILL WAITING for the new bubba to show up so no new baby pic this week. Garrrh!

Luckily, there’s plenty happening in Sydney to keep me entertained while I wait. Truthfully, there’s always plenty happening, but May/June is a particular highlight. Head On Photography Festival is still in full swing (for a couple more weeks); Sydney Writer’s Festival is wrapping up today; and Vivid just kicked off on Friday night. Have you been to Vivid? I know I bang on about it every year, but it really is excellent – and not just for the lights – the whole program rocks. This year I’m going to three talks in the ‘game changers’ series – Tyler Brule (Monocle and Wallpaper magazine founder); Matthew Weiner (Mad Men creator) and Stephan Sagmeister (graphic design god). Going to be a busy couple of weeks, so not for the first time I’ll be calling on “Live while I’m alive, sleep when I’m dead” motto (thankyou Jon Bon Jovi).

Of course, it’s also my mostest favouritest season for snapping and I’ve been insta-ing the shit out of the #autumlight for the last month of so. #Autumnlight is quite difficult to describe in words. There’s this funny quality about it – it’s warm (but not too warm), clear (but not harsh) … magical  … beautiful … generous … forgiving … Too much? NEVER (as my nephew would say).

This week’s #S_daysingle is one from last weekend, when I hooked up with my #snappingsista again. We took in a Head On exhibition – this one (excellent); and strolled stalked around the Harbour Bridge where we were entertained by the weekly bridal turf wars – complete with some truly frightening ‘groom-lifting-bride’ poses (dear lord, make it stop).

#s_daysingle - Silhouettin' Sydney Rachael Willis - the bowerbird girl

Silhouettin’ Sydney
(Canon 60D, nifty-fifty, f11, 1/2000, ISO 100, exp -1) processed with VSCO Fuji Velvia 50 Landscape Cool

I thought this might be an interesting snap to share from the outing. I was going to talk a heap about the tech side of it but I feel like I’ve already banged on here for far too long so I’ll just mention that the way I got the star-shape is by closing down my aperture (f11 in this shot). Normally I shoot much wider than this, but if you shut it down with a bright light source (sun during day, lights at night) you can get that cute star shape. Here’s an article that explains it pretty well, in case you’re interested.

What do you have planned for this week? Any exciting or inspiring events on your horizon?

3 thoughts on “#S_daysingle – silhouettin’ Sydney

  1. I have seen photos from Vivid and it looks so great. Brisbane is a bit slower during May and June but we are sharing the same spectacular weather. A lantern festival welcoming new citizens is coming up and that’s always pretty. Thanks for the photography tip too – must try that.

  2. I am looking forward to going to Vivid – love this time of year in Sydney (and feel lucky to live here). Thanks for the “Head On” photography suggestion – looks great.

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