Slideshow: Sydney Zombie Walk, Halloween 2015

Cobwebs lead to Halloween …
Halloween leads to photos …
Photos lead to a blogpost …

Last year for Halloween I was in New York, dancing in the streets. And I mean literally, dancing. I was lucky enough to be part of Thriller NYC – dancing – on the closed of streets of New York – under the light of the Empire State Building. Gulp. Yes. It truly was a life highlight. Looksee … here I am. Zombie hot. Yes?

NYC Halloween parade 2014 Zombie makeup

Zombie hot

This year, I relished the opportunity to dust off the grey facepaint and the fake blood and took my place with my Zombie family in the Sydney Zombie Walk with my #snappingsista Brydie. What a hoot! costumes. You know what I like best about zombie theme? It’s so BLOODY (get it) versatile. Truly, you can turn anything you want to dress up as into zombie. Zombie Snow White, Zombie Pope, Zombie Nurse … just a few of the costumes on show. I TOTALLY know what I’m doing for next year. Now shhh … keep this to yourself … how awesome would Zombie ABBA be?

I took lots of snaps on my big girl camera and I’ve put them together in a little slideshow. I hope you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed putting it together (even if it did take a couple of weeks). Oh well. I’m a zombie, my sense of time is a little warped. You can either hop over here and watch on vimeo (best if you’re on computer) or if on device you can watch below. Either way, you’ll be needing this secret squirrel password


Sydney Zombie Walk 2015 from The Bowerbird Girl on Vimeo.

Couple of notes for those that are deets inclined:

  • Mostly taken with my Canon 60D
  • nifty-fifty lens (50mm f1.8); although there’s probably a couple with the G16 as well
  • put together with ProShow Gold (a new purchase)
  • Music credit: ‘People are Strange’ Echo & the Bunnymen from ‘The Lost Boys’

Have you done the zombie thing before? Do you want to now?

5 thoughts on “Slideshow: Sydney Zombie Walk, Halloween 2015

  1. I gotta say I’m not a big Halloween fan but how amazing to be dancing the streets of NY thriller-style! I love the zombie video too – the song choice is perfect and you can tell you’ve matched the images to the words. Your work is always so spot-on lady!

    • I wasn’t a huge Halloween fan until i had a US Halloween. I have a much better appreciation for it now. Where we stayed in Brooklyn it was a real community highlight. And yes, Thriller on the streets of NY, some days still I can’t quite believe it happened. Magic. Pure magic. Thanks lady for your kind words on the video, encouragement always appreciated.

    • It would be good wouldnt it … if a teeny tiny sacrilegious. Perhaps I should pick another band, I’d hate to jinx ABBA. But they have such good costumes. Those kitty cat ‘dresses’ with white knee high boots … all the better to see the blood with.

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