New Year, New Toy, New Joy

Hello there. Happy 2016! How have you been? Busy? Way of the world nowadays isn’t it? I hope you had a good festive season and are getting organised for the new year. You know it begins in February right? Let’s just roll with that, shall we? In the spirit of it being the new year, I thought I’d slap a few photos and some words together and call it a blog post.

You might know if you follow on insta that got a new boyfriend/fiance (ahem … camera) for Xmas. It’s a little red beast. And when I say beast I mean it. Drop it. Freeze it. Drown it. It just keeps coming back for more. Yup. A keeper, he is. Look, look, here’s a snap of my new boytoy.

Olympus TG-4 tough underwater camera

Olympus TG-4, hand model Brydie Piaf

It’s a little Olympus TG-4. One of those ‘tough’ cameras. And boy, is this toy FUN! So far, we’ve been in the surf, we’ve been paddleboarding, we’ve jumped off inflatable cliffs in a waterpark, swum in the pool and lagoon, and just last weekend we went to Newcastle and did sunrise at the beautiful Merewether Ocean Baths. In a crazy, funny and awesome coincidence, my #snappingsista Brydie (Brydie Piaf Photography and cityhippyfarmgirl) got the SAME CAMERA for Xmas. TWINS! Cool right?

Olympus TG-4 in Newcastle

Aforementioned handmodel (and all-round handy with the snaps)

Now, before we go any further, let me just say this post is not in any way sponsored (hello, have you seen how few people read my blog?) I just wanted to show off my new friend and tell you all that you should all go and get one and then we can become triplets / quadruplets / quintuplets and go and play. However, #OlympusAU, if you want to pay me to play in the water with my cityhippytwin, I am all ears (or feet?)

Olympus TG-4 in Newcastle

just bobbing around, taking photos, like you do #liveauthentic (or not)

One of the main reasons I got this one over others was that it shoots RAW. That said, most of these are not RAW as I’m still learning how best to tame the beast and have found the ‘ACTION MAN’ setting works well. If you’re not into post production, the 16mb jpgs are pretty sweet straight out of camera.

Olympus TG-4 in Newcastle


OK so THREE other things I like. One, it’s red. You might think that this would draw attention in the water. Perhaps it does. But I like to think that it’s less intimidating cause it’s so FUN. It’s like a sheep in lonewolf’s clothing.

The second thing is the Olympus wifi interface. Holy moly does this crap all over my other little camera, whose interface is clunker-clunk-clunk. I’d seen Brydie use it before so I did know about this in advance but even still. Treat.

And the last thing is the little floaty strap that mine came with. It’s a padded wrist strap that pulls in nice and tight, and the camera just dangles in the water but is nice and secure. Also, as a bonus, you can just be really fashionable like me and walk around with it dangling from your wrist all day. Oh yah. So camera. Much sexy.

Right, enough rabbiting on, thought I’d share some of the pics I took with Brydie last Sunday morning. Oh Newy, let’s not tell too many people how beautiful you are, I’d like to keep you to myself.

Olympus TG-4 in Newcastle

Merewether Ocean Baths (pressed up against the blocks)

Olympus TG-4 in Newcastle

Busy morning at the Merewether baths

Olympus TG-4 in Newcastle

Merry weather Merewether

So, have I convinced you you need a new boytoy? Do it! Maybe we can all throw our cameras in the bowl and go home with someone new at the end? Woot woot.

12 thoughts on “New Year, New Toy, New Joy

  1. Firstly, those photos are gorgeous! I particularly like the one with the diving blocks. I’d love to get one of these cameras to get pictures of my kids in the waves. I think they would be sweet memories to capture.

  2. Great photos, looks like you two have an amazingly creative time together.
    I’ve been tossing up getting a camera for water based things vs getting a dicapac for my LUMIX. I think I’ll try the dicapac first because it’s a lot cheaper!
    But your new toy has me tempted

    • Yes Lila, lots of creative shenanigans that’s for sure and a truckload of fun at the same time, I feel fortunate and grateful. I think you would totally love one if these (or a housing that does the same). I thought about getting housing for my g16 but it wasn’t at all cheap. And the bonus of the ‘give it to the kids and not worry if it’s dropped is nice’. But yes I can see you having a heap of fun with whatever option you go with. Look forward to hearing what you get and seeing some snaps. Watch out Murray cod :)!

  3. 🙂 So much fun. I’ll check the calendar to see when the next full moon and high tides are- the splishy splashy waves over the top of the diving blocks just make it I reckon…plus I still need to push you in.

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